Improving the context of items in BL's Flickr Commons


The following are listed so that we can help form a consensus about how certain broad terms are used to tag the set. Please add to these, as well as suggesting machine tags for others to use.

Tags in use: (non machine tags)

The image is primarily a map, cartographic view, projection or other geographical representation:
external image 11307085695_289b72351c.jpg
Add "geo" machine tags
for the coordinates of the centre of the map
where _ is a letter of an alphabet
The image shows a decorated character eg "LetterI" for:

external image 10997779665_651bdbdd88.jpg

A "LetterA" for example
external image 11079823114_7a5f8bff00.jpg

Depictions of buildings and other structures.

external image 11307196404_4686b9186f.jpg
Add machine tags for the style e.g. architecture:style=gothic
Decorative ornamentations, embellishments and printed motifs.

external image 11063109886_262c9503e1.jpg
external image 11059013674_195e37936d.jpg

Examples of music, musical scores, songs and so on

external image 11200736044_7f78ca3c6c.jpg

Portraits of people

external image 11304558065_395b2d4e72.jpg

Any examples of costumes, clothing, fashion, working clothes and so on.
external image 11028277155_0abdfbbd05.jpg

Tag Suggestions

  • "rotatec" or "rotateimage" (and "rotatecounterc")
    • Use this to tell us that the picture needs to be rotated clockwise (or counterclockwise)
    • We'll tag an image with "rotated" or "rotatedcc" to show that this has been done.

Adding to Wikimedia Commons

Due to the known lack of context and eclectic nature of the uploaded images, it is not sensible to upload the images from Flickr indiscriminately to Wikipedia Commons without adding context. Please follow their page of guidance and see that page for how to approach adding illustrations from the Flickr Commons collections to Wikimedia.

Discussions that took place on this page, now archived.

Artist / engraver ?

Jheald_public Dec 24, 2013
Is there a recommended syntax for identifying the artist or engraver of an image ?

For example, perhaps


external image pigsonthewing-lg.jpg pigsonthewing Jan 4, 2014


external image user_none_lg.jpg
external image Quasimondo-lg.jpg

Comment: This could be solved more interactive...

Quasimondo Dec 21, 2013
external image user_none_lg.jpg
external image Quasimondo-lg.jpg

Comment: I'd propose to rather use a machine t...

Quasimondo Dec 21, 2013
external image Quasimondo-lg.jpg Quasimondo Dec 25, 2013
Actually I realized that rotation:-90 is a bad idea since it will get mingled by flickr to rotation90. So I propose to use rotate:270 for that instead.
external image Quasimondo-lg.jpg Quasimondo Dec 26, 2013
And another realization - since the process of correcting the rotations will take a while and is ideally a crowdsourced process it's indeed a good idea to have some tag that tells if the rotation of the image has already been looked at and either been found correct or been corrected. Going with the "rotatio:" syntax that could be "rotation:0" or "rotation:ok". That will avoid having the same image being processed more than once.