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British Library Wiki for curating Public Domain digital content

This wiki has been provided by the British Library Labs project, part of the Digital Research Team within the Digital Scholarship department at the British Library.

It is for those of you who would like to start sharing ideas and working on projects (such as crowd sourcing) using the British Library Public Domain digital content made available through various channels such as the million images that have been recently made available through Flickr Commons .

You may request membership by clicking Join now (please note, this will not be active beone January 24th, 2017).

For the full background on the 1 Million Public Domain Flickr Commons upload see this interview and our blog post.

Improving Access & Description

User-Generated Collections, Creative & Research Uses

Bulk Access and conscientious use of Flickr services

Due to the fantastic reception the general public have given the Mechanical Curator Collection, there has been considerable traffic to the Flickr Commons site. 55 million views of the images in the past 5 days in fact.

If you require bulk access to the jpegs, please contact us rather than attempt to crawl the Flickr site. We can then talk to arrange a more bandwidth-friendly means of giving you the data. Likewise, please use Flickr's APIs with some consideration for others. Flickr are providing a brilliant service to the public here so please avoid over-stressing them if you can help it!

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For general enquiries about the collections:

For technical, research, code, metadata, etc queries: or @benosteen @bl_labs on twitter.

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