Tag Attack (Category: Research, Creative / Artistic)

Name of Submitter(s): Antonio Jesús Sánchez Padial

Organisation: Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria

Tag Attack is a game developed for the Brittish Library Crowdsourcing Game Jam. It explores the way games can be used to encourage participating in crowdsourcing projects, i.e. tagging items from a digital collection like the Brittish Library Flickr collection.
Adam Crymble explains in http://britishlibrary.typepad.co.uk/digital-scholarship/2015/08/crowdsourcing-as-interesting-decisions-update-from-bl-labs-2015-competition-winner.html that the possibility of losing makes games enjoyable. Losing in a crowdsourcing gamification means assigning wrong labels/tags to items. The conflict appears because evaluating tagging is impossible or very costly when little or nothing is known about the tagged item, and useless when the knowledge about the item is complete.
Tag Attack presents a way for designing enjoyable gamifications of tagging, that are able to evaluate the accuracy of players in their crowdsourcing while giving them an evaluation of their performance, allowing them to improve and compete, increasing their engagement in the crowdsourcing project.
The features that makes Tag Attack successful in this ambitious problem are:
  • a dynamic evaluation of players' performance. Players with high performance are trusted by the game, and they are offered with many items to classify, while players with low performance are untrusted, and constantly reevaluated with many control items by the game
  • Drive the player into flow mental state, using technics as frenzy action, furious music, and funny characters where the players focus their attention, making less easy for them to realize that their performace evaluation (a.k.a. their game score) may have been wrong or unfair.
URL for Entry: https://github.com/escueladebits/TagAttack/blob/master/README.md

Email: antonio@spadial.com

Twitter: @ajspadial, @escueladebits

Job Title: Research Software Engineer

Background of Submitter:

For the last 12 years I have worked as a Research Software Engineer for several public organizations of the
Spanish research system including
IGME (Spanish Geological Survey), CSIC (at his Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences) and currently INIA (the
National Institute for Agricultural Research).
As a creative coder I founded the group Processing Madrid in 2012, and volunteered in Keiichi Matsuda's PRISM
(http://www.dezeen.com/2012/09/17/prism-by-keiichi-matsuda-at-the-va/ ) exposed in Victoria & Albert Museum in
September 2012, writing code for different visualization based on real-time London data.
From Jan 2013 to Jun 2015 I have worked as a Senior Software Engineer in the Spanish recruiting start-up Tyba.

Problem / Challenge Space:

How to design a fair dynamic evaluation for games with very little knowledge about what player's actions are right or wrong?

Approach / Methodology:

Tag Attack is a web based game, written in Javascript using the p5js and p5play libraries, sibling projects of the creative coding language Processing.

Extent of showcasing BL Digital Content:

It's based on https://www.flickr.com/photos/britishlibrary/

Impact of Project:

Building a game for Adam Crymble's Mechanical Curator

Issues / Challenges faced during project(s):

I found some issues creating a web version of the game, specially in order to manage resources and accessing the Brittish Library digital collection in Flickr.
I created a local cache of selected items in order to surpase it, but the final solution will use a proxy server that will be the interface between the game itself and the flickr collection. That proxy server may be extended to access other collection, so it's the kind of challenge that turn into an advantage.