Moments (Category: Creative / Artistic)

Name of Submitter(s): Joe Bell

Organisation: University of Leeds

In 2013 the British Library released over a million images onto Flickr Commons for anyone to use, remix and repurpose. "Moments" is a small collection of these images brought to life.
URL for Entry:
Twitter: JoeBell_
Job Title: Student

Background of Submitter:

I recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a First Class degree in New Media. Moments was one of many projects I worked on in my time at University. A complete portfolio of my work can be found on my website

Problem / Challenge Space:

Millions of images are available for use, but it seems like most people simply aren't aware they exist. My aim was to give more coverage to the collection and encourage further artistic exploration.

Approach / Methodology:

Each image I used as painstakingly hand-separated into layers on Photoshop. These were then recreated in 3D space inside After Effects and a virtual camera moved to create motion. In some cases the images were animated to mimic movement.

Extent of showcasing BL Digital Content:

Images were used throughout from the British Library Flickr account.

Impact of Project:

At the time of creation I was a student, and I received a First for the project in my Motion Graphics module. I received some Twitter coverage after sharing with BLDigital staff. I occasionally get Twitter messages from people who have enjoyed watching the film. I would like to reach a wider audience and encourage more creative projects.

Issues / Challenges faced during project(s):

Time was my major challenge on this project. Separating the images into layers was an incredibly time-consuming task.