Previous entries and ideas for the BL Labs Competitions

This page has links to selected ideas / projects that were submitted to Labs for our competitions.

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2016 Competition Winners

Black Abolitionist Performances and their Presence in Britain by Hannah-Rose Murray
SherlockNet: Using Convolutional Neural Networks to Automatically Tag and Caption the British Library Collection by Luda Zhao, Brian Do and Karen Wang

2016 Competition Runners Up
Imaginary Cities by Michael Takeo Magruder
Datamining for verse in eighteenth-century newspapers by Jennifer Batt

2016 Competition Entrants
“I can see the Alps!” Retracing the first waves of tourism in the Alps through digital mapping (19th Century Collections). by Jordan Girardin
Revealing books (you cannot read) by Daniela Petrelli, Nick Dulake, Mark Marshall
Mapping Early Modern Print: A visualisation of publishing trends through the British Library catalogue by Fabio Antonini
Fibers: Visualising the British Library community by Ian Gwilt
From MetaData to MetaHumanities: Creating a Searchable Digital Collection of Nineteenth Century Books by Jean-Thomas Martelli
Existing in your mind by Jeremiah Ambrose
When Copyright expires, Inspiration strikes by Melissa Addey
Language- independent sequence mining and visualisation in the Microsoft Corpus by Martyn Harris
The Mechanical Filmmaker by Natalja Vikulina
Here in the Past by Phil Blume, Nick Tyson
Dragon by Stewart Brookes
Maniacal Curator: A Tabletop Game of the British Library Flickr Collection by Sarah Cole
The Chiaroscuro Blacklight Plugin Suite: Supporting understanding visual arts across cultures, times, and traditions
Tuning mapping- Upgrading the visual and UI experience of British soundmaps by Vladimir Radinovic, Marcin Lewandowski

2015 Competition Winners

Political Meetings Mapper: Bringing the British Library Maps to life with historical protests by Katrina Navickas
Crowdsourcing Objects: Repurposing the 1980s arcade console for scholarly image classification by Adam Crymble
2015 Competition Runners Up
Georgian Pingbacks: Mapping Attribution Networks in the 19th Century Newspaper Archive by M. H. Beals
Reproducible research toolkit for the British Library metadata collections (REBL) by Mikko Tolonen, Niko Ilomäki, Leo Lahti
2015 Competition Shortlisted
Readometer by Georgi Marinov and Denitsa Blagoeva
Mining Miscellany: Sorting Genres of Reprinting in Nineteenth Century Newspapers by
Ryan Cordell, David Smith, Abby Mullen, Jonathan Fitzgerald
2015 Competition Entrants
Usage Patterns of the British Library Music Collections by Andrew Gustar
Voices in Focus by Lucy Crompton-Reid
Unveiling the Exhibition: The British Library Collection Explorer (“BLCE”) by Andrew Taylor
Blueprints: Bringing the British Library's digital archives to new audiences through a collaborative handcrafted book and the latest in app technology by Emma Balch and Paul Forster
Contextual edition of the Sketch of the Analytical Engine by Iain Emsley
Teaching the library of the future: engaging researchers in new approaches to utilising digital collections by Daniel van Strien
Image Enhancer by Abhisek Hazra
The sound of the stacks: Sonifying the networks between collections by Iain Emsley

2014 Competition Winners

The Victorian Meme Machine by Bob Nicholson
Text to Image Linking Tool (TILT) by Desmond Schmidt and Anna Gerber
2014 Competition Shortlisted
Tabulae Rasae - Using text mining to understand how corpora influence interpretation by Peter Arnds, Jennifer Edmond, Alexander O'Connor
Wunderkammer by Lisa Meyer, Dr Chis Creed
Engaging the Public in Linking British Library Data via Games with a Purpose by Bernado Pereira Nunes, Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller
The Augmented Palimpsest - Engaging Readers through AR Encounters with the Past by Tamara F. O'Callaghan, Andrea R. Harbin, Alan B. Craig, Ryan W. Rocha
British Library Digital Toolkit by Theo Kuechel
2014 Competition Entrants
Building the Digital Toolkit - New Models for 21st Century Researchers by Kate Lomax, Sara Wingate Gray
From Collections to Context by Noopur Commons Machinery
Public Domain City App by Sylvia Aurylaite
Problematizing Global Knowledge & the New Encyclopedia Project by Sunil Manghani
War/Door by Kerry Featherstone

2013 Competition Winners

Mixing the Library. Information Interaction and the DJ by Dan Norton
Sample Generator by Pieter Francois
2013 Competition Shortlisted
Digital Music Collections to Digital Music Research by Polina Proutskova
Textal: Real-time Textual Analysis of Large-scale Text Collections by Steven Gray
Seriousnews by Emmanuel Tolev

2013 Competition Special Mentions

Olfactory Labyrinths by Kevin Walker, Kate McLean and Sam McElhinney
APIs for Digitised Manuscripts by Sarah de Hass
Rethinking Sound and the Web by Kim Foale
BL Digital Collections Interlinking to Europeana by Emanuil Tolev
Curatorial, Participatory Open Curation by Kate Lomax and Sara Wingate Gray
Parallels - Digital Image Sculpting by Steven Dale
Emergence / Distribution Graphical Content in 19thC Books by Matt Prior
Unravelling Secrets of History at the BL by Bernado Pereira Nunes and Terhi Nurmiko
Visualisation of Web Archives by James Alexander
deviantART Bridge by Emanuil Tolev
Resonance FM Audio Schedule Parser by Alf Eaton
Music Decoder by Julia Craig-McFeely
Reconnecting 19thC - Digital Historic Newspapers by Richard Hawkins
2013 Competition Entrants
Tangut Manuscript Character Recognition by Andrew West
British National Bibliography for AuthorClaim by Thomas Krichel
Circaa by Sylvan Golden
Teasing out the Public Domain by Bettina Cousineau
Mapping the 19th century BL collections by Patricia Murrieta-Flores