British Library Labs

British Library Labs is an initiative funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation which supports and inspires the public use of the British Library’s digital collections and data in exciting and innovative ways. We actively encourage scholars and innovators to work with us, thereby supporting the British Library’s mission to guarantee that the wealth and diversity of the Library’s intellectual digital heritage is available for the research, creativity and fulfilment of everyone.

Engage and collaborate with British Library Labs:
  • The British Library Labs Awards recognises outstanding work that has been created using the British Library’s digital collections.
  • The British Library Labs Competition has supported transformative project ideas which have sought to use the British Library’s digital content in new and exciting ways.
'16 x16 Colourful Faces from the British Library Collection', created by Mario Klingemann, a winner of the Labs Awards. The images are collated from the Library's Flickr Commons 1 million collection

  • British Library Labs hosts and supports a wide range of events, including workshops, seminars and presentations, which explore the uses of the British Library’s digital collections and provide networking opportunities.
  • British Library Labs encourages researchers, developers, educators and artists to talk to us about collaborating on projects using the British Library’s digital content.
The Crossroads of Curiosity artwork installation, created by David Normal, used images from the Library's digital collections and was temporarily assembled in the Library's piazza (2015)